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Fluffy to Fit Program!

Fluffy to Fit offers support and guidance in two main areas: nutrition and exercise.  We know that sticking to a diet and exercise program can be challenging, so our team is here to help you.  The Fluffy to Fit program is available as 3 different sub-programs depending on you and your pets’ needs. The programs are: Bootcamp, Splash Camp, or monthly check-ins.

Each of these programs has our support in regular weigh ins to make sure your dog or cat is losing weight safely.  We calculate their percentage weight loss and monitor their body condition score on a regular basis.

How can we help?

Boot Camp

After an initial consult with our rehab team, this program includes two full day stays a week for 4 weeks, allowing us to complete small, frequent sessions in order to help your dog develop exercise tolerance.  While the dogs are here, they will have 3 sessions, each with a little something fun and different.  They will participate in therapeutic land exercises, underwater treadmill, and outdoor play time.  It has never been more fun to get in shape!

Splash Class

This program also starts with an initial consult with our rehab team, then once weekly appointments that include underwater treadmill and therapeutic land exercises that will best suit your dog in their return to fitness.



Monthly check-ins includes progress weigh-ins at the clinic to ensure your dog is on track for their weight loss journey, but leaves the exercise in your hands!

Kato 1.png

Kato lost 5% body weight in 7 weeks!

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Call 519-699-0875 or email to schedule your appointment!

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