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Rehab Department

Laurelwood Veterinary Hospital is taking strides towards helping ALL of our clients’ needs by assisting with patient care.  Due to the rapidly growing demand of physical therapy in the veterinary field, we have worked hard to design and develop a physical rehabilitation program for our community


Physical therapy is a great treatment option if your patient:

  • Has recently had a surgical procedure, especially orthopedic, but older dogs with abdominal procedures also can benefit

  • Has had a traumatic injury (been hit by car, broken leg)

  • Has had a soft tissue injury or recurrent soft tissue injuries

  • Has arthritis

  • Has back or neck pain

  • Has luxating patellas, other non-surgical orthopedic conditions or are unsuitable for surgery for an orthopedic condition

  • Experiences pain associated with movement

  • Is a senior pet

Please have your family veterinarian fill out our referral form:

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