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Please enjoy a walk through of our veterinary hospital.  Click on the picture for more information.

Clinic Tour - Photo Gallery

Our Friendly Receptionists
Cat Food

We carry a variety of cat food in reception as well as in our back storage space. If there is a certain brand that you do not see on the shelf, ask us if we have it in stock or we can always order it in for you!

Dog Food

Our dog food is kept on the opposite side of reception as the cat food. We keep a variety of dog treats and training devices on hand for clients to browse through as well. Ask us about proper nutrition for your four-legged friend or take a few sample treats for the road!

Coffee Bar

If you are waiting for lab results or you have arrived early for your appointment, please help yourself to a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate! We try to keep a large selection in stock from sweet cappuccinos to hot expressos and all decafe versions in-between!

Hospital Reception Area

We love seeing you and your pet! But some puppies might be nervous about seeing the vet. You are always welcome to stop by for happy visits where you can meet with our support staff, take a few cookies or belly rubs and help reduce those stressful situations.

Exam Room

We have three exam rooms that are equipped for all of our routine visits. Take a look at our educational TVs while you are waiting for the doctor to learn something new!

Exam Room 3

This is our newest exam room! The front facing window provides a good distraction for our anxious kitties as they explore the cat tree.

Quite Room

Our quiet room was designed to provide our clients with a private consultation space to speak with the doctor about sensitive cases or specialized treatments.

Writing Station

This is the primary space where our Doctors review their files, fill our medical history, return client calls and consult our laboratories or referring specialists with troubling cases.


Our pharmacy is where we keep most of our commonly used drug inventory and vaccinations.

Hospital Dog Ward

The hospital side has a dog ward near our treatment area. This space is often used to isolate very sick patients or as recovery for our large breed dogs if they are in for treatment or surgery.

ICU Ward

This part of our treatment area has smaller cages to accommodate our smaller hospitalized patients (i.e. cats or small breed dogs) or large dogs that require restricted mobility. All our hospitalized patients are closely monitored by a Registered Veterinary Technician while they are in our care.


This space is also an extension of our treatment area. Here we run all of our in-house blood work and analyze cellular specimens under microscope. All samples that we cannot run in-house, we send out to an external laboratory.

Treatment Area

This is our treatment area where our doctors prepare for surgery, take a closer look at critical patients or perform specific procedures or treatments on patients if the client is uncomfortable (i.e. taking blood or giving vaccines).

Radiology Suite

This is where all our x-rays are taken. We process our x-rays in house and the automatic processor is kept in a special light sensitive room. From the moment the x-ray is taken, we can view the images within a few minutes.

Dental Suite

Our Dental Suite is equipped with digital x-ray capabilities. This allows us to take images of our patient's teeth before they are extracted and while they are getting a dental cleaning. We can also take images of teeth within the gum line that have not erupted yet.

Dental Suite
Surgical Suite

This is where all our routine and specialized surgical procedures are performed. The veterinarian performs the surgery on the pet and the anesthetic is always monitored by a Registered Veterinary Technician.


This is our alternative therapy room. As you can see from the photo, Dr Wilhelm is performing an adjustment on her dog Beacon.

Boarding/Grooming Reception Area

Our grooming and rehab reception is similar to the hospital reception but in a smaller size. They book all of their appointments separately and can assist you with all of your grooming or rehab inquiries!

Grooming Room

Our grooming room is large enough to accommodate two groomers working on two different dogs at the same time.

Grooming Bathing Area

The bathing room is where all of our grooming dogs get bathed and dried before they are taken into the trimming room. We have a larger tub in the boarding area for the dogs that cannot fit into the tub in this room.

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