Day 20 - Year 6

January 26, 2016


Today I woke up and smelled something fishy. And it definitely wasn’t the canned food.

Laney was lying in the plush bed by the back door and had just yawned as I walked past. Goodness did her breath smell awful!  I didn’t even want to ask her how her breakfast tasted this morning.


I hope the girls here know that her breath has started to smell worse lately. Not that Laney and I get along on the best of terms, but now I can barely be in the same room as her without needing to run away from the smell coming from her mouth.


Now I’m no Doctor, but I think she may need a cleaning. I would suggest brushing, but everyone knows how I detest brushing in any way. And I wouldn’t want her to get back at me… hmmm…


The other thing I can think of would be to give her some of that dental kibble I used to eat but I vaguely remember the girls talking about Laney’s weight and her diet and I DO NOT want to bring that up in conversation. You know how women LOVE talking about their weight all the time…


So a dental would be the only option I guess. Oh wait… it’s almost February! I know all the animals come into the clinic in February for dental cleanings! Couldn’t tell you why though… maybe they want to be sure they don’t have smelly breath for Valentine’s Day?


Oh look, now the girls are looking at the calendar and it looks like Laney is getting a cleaning after all. See, they kind of need me around here otherwise nothing would get done!

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