Day 200 Year 6

July 21, 2016



Hello all.


I apologize. I have been neglectful of my diary lately. The warm weather has been very distracting and my cat naps by the window have been filling my time and make me forgetful.


The reason I have brought out my diary today was because I needed to complain. We have a few new additions to the clinic and I have to say that they have been putting my whiskers all in a joint.


Firstly, we have Peaches. She is a (surprisingly) beautiful long haired calico and a new pain in my behind. Literally! She chases me down the hall and swats at my bottom. She may be bigger than me but she can keep up and it has me running up and down the treatment area when all I want to do is have a nice stroll. I am told she is going up for adoption soon. Laney and I will be sure to throw her a party when she does leave. That’s right... Laney doesn’t care for her either. Something about her trying to steal Laney’s favourite bed but I honestly stop listening the moment she opens her mouth.


Secondly, we have a few new staff members – this should mean more “aww Mozart you’re so cute!” treats! But instead of the treats I am promised by the “oooohhh-ing” and “awwwww-ing,” I am snatched up or moved from my resting place, snuggled unnecessarily and brushed out to no end. New people need to get their priorities straight – your job is to clean my litterbox and feed me treats. And if I want to walk around in the boarding department because my adoptive sisters are being bullies your job is to just greet me and let me go about my business.


Phew. I think that’s all I have for now. So if you see me around the clinic on a sunny summer day – I am likely in a bad mood so don’t touch me.

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