Day 28 – Year 6

February 26, 2016


Click HERE to see a slide show of Laney's Day at the Dentist!




Dear Mozart

I have stolen your diary because you stole my spot.

It has been seven days since Dr. Carey examined my mouth and stated that I will be fine “given my age.” That’s something you get to look forward to when you get to be as old as myself. And I was one of the lucky ones because I did not need any teeth pulled! You may not be so lucky since you have lived here the longest and get the most treats.

This incident has me thinking that we should be demanding dental cleanings more often. We have full benefits and do not use them to our advantage. I propose Princeton for the next cleaning – we can tell him that his dentistry might not take as long as mine given he has half as many teeth and maybe he won’t argue against it. He is constantly arguing and demanding things. He is worse than you.

I initially thought writing in your diary would be a malicious way to get back at you since you are currently napping in my favourite bed, but I have to hand it to you, it’s quite therapeutic. I have to thank you for complaining on my behalf. I didn’t realize how often I chewed my food on the right side of my mouth until my teeth were looked at and the one molar at the back was “questionable.” To think, if I continued, it could have been a lot worse! There. It’s now in writing, in your diary, just don’t hold it over my head. I’ve been feeling so good since then I feel like my adventurous side is getting the best of me! It’s like I’m a whole new cat! Thank you.

From, Laney




Dear Laney

Stop eating Princeton’s food. I know you are feeling good and all but his food –which is also my food – is not something that your adventurous side should be exploring.

Just wait till I tell the girls you need a bath! I hear that tangerine shampoo that Angela has in the grooming room smells so good it will make you want to groom yourself again. If you stop eating our food then I won’t tell them you need a bath… uh oh. Too late ... Guess you will really feel and smell like a new cat now!

From, Mozart

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