Day 335 – Year 5

December 23, 2015



What is that noise?


Oh, the Christmas Elves are out and decorating the place. Why do they insist on having shiny things everywhere when I LOVE shiny things… oooo sparkly!


*ring ring* Ahh, perfect timing! One of them needs to get the phone. Now’s my chance!

And of course she picked the big ladder. How am I supposed to reach the sparkly round ball at the top when I have to climb so many steps? Urghh this is exhausting. I think I will lay down here and stay a while… zzzzzzzzzzzz… AHHHH! Ok fine, move me. I’ll show you…


Now to inspect this tree. I hear there are cats out there that enjoy sitting in those things. I don’t understand why, it prickles my precious behind. And it’s sticky which ruins my beautiful coat. Maybe it’s just short haired cats? Or plastic trees? I’m too good for all this Christmas stuff. Now onto more important things: when will they put on my red velvet collar? I miss that thing… STOP MOVING ME! I’m not going to climb the tree!


Hey, here’s a suggestion: How about less shiny things, or things that jingle when you touch them, or lights because those really make my eyes water with envy! Or maybe you shouldn’t put up a tree at all. It’s too big anyway.


Those elves are sneaky though.  All of the shiny balls are at the top so I can’t reach them and they decided not to add tinsel… I love tinsel… it’s so chewy and stringy and delicious! But then they yell at me... Something about it impacting my intestinal tract and could cause vomiting? That’s absurd. I never vomit

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