The College Of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) is our governing body.  They protect our clients right to safe, competent and ethical veterinary care.


The CVO protects and serves the public interest through the regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine. Accordingly, veterinarians are licensed, facilities are accredited, standards and policies are developed and maintained, and an investigations and resolutions process is available.


The accreditation of our veterinary facility demonstrates our commitment to a professional environment for safe patient care.  All facilities where veterinary medicine is practiced in Ontario must meet the accreditation standards established by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.  All veterinary facilities are inspected periodically to ensure there is the environment and essential equipment required for safe patient care.  Veterinary facilities are inspected for specific equipment requirements; proper patient records; safe drug storage; a medical reference library; as well as orderliness and infection control (sanitation).  Veterinary facilities that meet or exceed the inspection requirements receive a Certificate of Accreditation.

Surgical Services

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork

Any patient undergoing a general anesthetic receive Pre-anesthetic bloodwork.  This bloodwork is crucial because it gives us an idea of what is going on inside your pet.  We are checking blood cell count, clotting abilities, organ function, and so much more.  The majority of time the results are normal - which is beneficial to your pet because not only can we proceed with their surgery, but it also allows us to tailor the anesthesia specifically to your pet's needs.  There have also been many instances where we have found a serious problem with the bloodwork and have had to postpone their surgery as it would have posed an anesthetic risk to our patient. 


An RVT will be with your pet from the moment you bring them in for their surgery until the moment you come back to pick them up.  The RVT will ensure that they are closely monitored while sedated before their surgery as well as resting comfortably while they recover from their surgery.


We use the safest anesthetic protocol possible for your pet and tailor it to their individual health, history and needs. The anesthetic gas we use is called Isoflurane which is the same gas anesthetic used in human medicine


Your pet will be closely monitored throughout their surgery with monitoring equipment - just like in a human hospital.  We have monitors for their heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen status and most importantly a fully trained RVT monitoring them closely throughout the entire procedure

Pain Medication

IV Fluids

Every pet undergoing a general anesthetic also receives intravenous fluids throughout the entire procedure.  This helps maintain their hydration and blood pressure which will also ensure a smoother and faster recovery from surgery.  It also provides us with immediate access to a vein if we needed to give any emergency medication

Nail Trim

All pets undergoing a surgical procedure receive a pedicure while they are here with us!  Some animals can be very sensitive about their feet being touched so this is a great time to have their nails trimmed.  Overgrown nails can cause many problems for pets if they are not trimmed regularly and can be quite painful for them if left too long

Full Mouth Exam

While your pet is under anesthetic, we are able to have a very good look in their mouth.  We check all of their teeth very carefully to ensure that all the baby teeth have fallen out and the adult teeth are coming in appropriately.  We chart your pet's teeth of any problems that we may notice.  Also, if we notice that your pet is missing any teeth, we are able to take a dental xray to see if the tooth is hiding under the gumline or not.  This can cause serious problems for your pet if a tooth has not erupted or if it is missing completely

All pets receive an injectable pain medication the day of their surgery to keep them comfortable and pain free.  If further pain medication is required we will send home extended pain relief at no additional cost.