Mozart's Memoirs

July 21, 2016

Hello all.

I apologize. I have been neglectful of my diary lately. The warm weather has been very distracting and my cat naps by the window have been filling my time and make me forgetful.

The reason I have brought out my diary today was because I needed to complain. We...

June 7, 2016

I deem today to be National Advantix Information Day.


Advantix is a topical flea and tick prevention that you apply to your dog’s coat once per month to aid, treat and prevent the flea life cycle (adults, larva and eggs) as well as certain adult tick species such as Ix...

March 31, 2016

Let’s revisit my last entry when I said that it was too cold to open the windows… well the last few days have shown us that spring is on its way!


Today the girls have opened a majority of the windows in the clinic to let that spring breeze in and I have been migrating...

March 15, 2016

Today has been the 4th BEST day of the year! I am happy to report that Princeton has had a new home!  Now I can stop freaking out every time I see the old man. I don’t like to be reminded of what I will eventually look like when I get older.


I am also extremely happy t...

March 3, 2016

Mozart, here.


I have strategically hidden my diary so no one will write in it. Laney saw my unfortunate response from last week and I got a good swat in the behind. She has thankfully stopped eating my food now that the bowl has been moved out of her reach. Those girls...

February 26, 2016


Click HERE to see a slide show of Laney's Day at the Dentist!




Dear Mozart

I have stolen your diary because you stole my spot.

It has been seven days since Dr. Carey examined my mouth and stated that I will be fine “given my age.” That’s something you get to look forwa...

January 26, 2016


Today I woke up and smelled something fishy. And it definitely wasn’t the canned food.

Laney was lying in the plush bed by the back door and had just yawned as I walked past. Goodness did her breath smell awful!  I didn’t even want to ask her how her breakfast tasted t...

December 23, 2015



What is that noise?


Oh, the Christmas Elves are out and decorating the place. Why do they insist on having shiny things everywhere when I LOVE shiny things… oooo sparkly!


*ring ring* Ahh, perfect timing! One of them needs to get the phone. Now’s my chance!

And of cour...

December 2, 2015


Today was a regular day. Well, as regular as they come. It was feeding time in the cattery.


I had to wait my turn. Again.


I was picked last. It’s because I’m the best… obviously.


Look at me, I’m perfect! Oh but I have to get this knot out of my chest hair. My perfect...

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