Not only do we provide exceptional veterinary care, Laurelwood Veterinary Hospital has an award winning boarding facility that offers spacious and comfortable accommodations for your furry friend! Geothermal in floor heating and air conditioned kennels ensure that your fur-panion is comfortable all year round.  We strive to be the second best place your pet calls home!

What we offer:

All dogs will be let out individually in our large fenced in area and receive one on one attention many times throughout the day. 

Cats have their own separate sound proof room with many stimulating and interactive toys and scratching posts.  They are allowed to roam freely in the room on their own time.

Both dog and cat rooms are equipped with geothermal in floor heating and air conditioning.

Fresh water will be available at all times.

We stick to your feeding schedule - no changes to their routine.

We encourage you to bring your pets favourite bed, toy, etc - whatever they need to feel more at home.

All pets are prescribed a daily dose of TLC from our friendly boarding staff.

Our devoted Animal Care Attendants love animals and it's obvious to see!  They pay close attention to your fur baby while they're here with us and note any changes to relay back to you.  Being located in a veterinary hospital, veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians are always available should any problems arise.  Veterinarians are also on call over the weekends and holidays in case your pet requires medical attention.

Peace of Mind

We do not have any packages or "add ons" in our boarding facility.  If it's a nice day, we'll go on a trail walk.  Need some extra cuddles before bed - no problem!  Simply put, your furry friend will get the care they need and deserve during their entire stay with us.  Always.  It's as simple as that.

One Size Fits All


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We are CLOSED the Saturday and Monday of Statutory Holidays

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